From now on, for me, there’s no such thing as rape


This is it for me. I woke up to this HT – gang rape of 4-yr-old and this TOI-4-yr-old raped and brutalised today.

I have wondering about this a considerably long time – when other crimes take place, we say so-&-so broke in, killed someone, hit someone, etc. That is, use the active voice.

In cases of rape, though, always the passive voice. That critical focus always on the victim. As if to say, look at the victim of rape. That shameful act that “mostly she” undergoes. Not that shameful act males commit.

No focus on the one who does it. In fact, rape is perhaps a term devised to cleverly mask the significance and the extent of perversion that lies behind it. It’s not an act of sexual assault. Sex is only a tool here. A means. The real act is about sexual perversion and perverse form of anger, hatred, and exercise of power.

This page of mine is dedicated to all these “victims” who are looked at only with pity, shame, and many a times disbelief, distrust, and disdain.

I am going to re-write every story I come across in active voice, focusing on the males involved. Let’s question the men as to why they do this heinous act of perversion.

While you take this in, make sure to register these stats taken from HT’s story:

“In 2014, only 9 accused were convicted in Delhi in crime against women. Can you imagine!” – Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commission for women