My Musical Journey



I am told I could sing before I learnt to spoke. I started learning Hindustani Classical music early on, late teens or so. But, before I got there, I made several stops at Death Metal, heavy metal, then rock, and then country, and then some pop and hip hop even – except jazz. I would headbang when I could and wake up early in the mornings to do riyaz. It was a schizophrenic existence surely! And then a time came when the headbanging faded away, discipline took over, taalim was on and I began to nurture an almost puritanic affection for Hindustani Classical. It is only after learning a few Khayals that I began to appreciate jazz. And now, when I am learning to play the piano, my dream is to jazz away at the keys some day. Strains of taanpura still invoke my mornings… while the day dances to the tune of the piano. Music is soul food, yes.

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